Every Indian Women Needs To Know These 10 Rights Given To Them By The Indian Law

Know Your Rights Ladies!

Women Rights

We live in a society with limited knowledge about our rights. Rights that have been given to us by our Constitution. We always criticize the lack of rights a women enjoys in India. But the main problem lies in the fact that we don’t the rights our legal system has given us.

Know Your Right Number One

According to a Delhi High Court ruling, whenever a rape is reported, the senior house officer has to bring this to the notice of the Delhi Legal Services Authority. The legal body then arranges for a lawyer for the victim

Right to free aid - whenever a rape is reported, victim should be aware of the fact that she has a right to get the legal aid and that she can demand it.


Know Your Right Number Two

Under section 164 of the Criminal Procedure Code, the cops will have to give the privacy to the victim without stressing her in front of masses.

Right to privacy - A woman who has been raped has a right to record her statement in private.


Know Your Right Number Three

Many reasons (reputation, dignity of the family and threats from the culprit) can make a woman postpone going to the police to lodge a complaint. The self-respect of women comes before anything else. She cannot be denied of anything.

Right To Untimely Registration – Police in any way cannot say no to register her complaint, no matter if it’s too late to register.


Know Your Right Number Four

A Supreme Court ruling states that no woman can be arrested before sunrise or after sunset in order to stop them from getting harassed in the wee hours. This can only be overturned if the police get a written document as a proof of why they require to arrest the woman at that time.

Right To No Arrest – A women cannot be arrested after sunset and before sunrise.


Know Your Right Number Five

If, for some reason, a woman can’t go to the police station, she can send a written complaint through an email or registered post addressed to a senior police officer.

Right To Virtual Complaints – A woman has the privilege of lodging a complaint via email or registered post.


Know Your Right Number Six

A woman can file an FIR at any police station regardless of the jurisdiction, and the police has to accept it exactly as she describes. It also says that investigation needs to be taken as per the statement of the woman.

Right To FIR Anywhere – A woman can file an FIR at any police station.


Know Your Right Number Seven

The police can interrogate a woman at her residence in the presence of a woman constable and family members or friends.

Right To Not Being Called To The Police Station – This law provides Indian women the right of not being physically present at the police station for interrogation.


Know Your Right Number Eight

It is mandatory for all firms, public and private, to set up these committees to
resolve matters of sexual harassment. It is also necessary that the committee be headed by a woman and comprise of 50% women, as members.

Right To No Sexual Harassment – It is the duty of every employer to create a Sexual Harassment Complaints Committee within the organization for complaints.


Know Your Right Number Nine

Under Section 51 in The Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973, only women officers can search and arrest women offenders under strict privacy and decency.

Right To Arrest By Women Only – A women can only be arrested by women officers.


Know Your Right Number Ten

Article 39 (A) of Indian Penal Code grants equal pay to women at their work places.

Right To Equal Pay – Men and woman are entitled to receive equal pay at work place.


So, remember your rights from now on.